FAQs for the KeaGNSS Products

If you have any questions regarding these, or similar, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


First you must create an account on this site which allows you to enter all your details relating to invoicing and delivery. Then you select the product and place you order.

We don’t provide formal quotes, all prices are on our web site and you order online. However, we realise that some organisations require this so we can generate this on request.

The normal Kea V41NA package includes:

  • The Kea GPS receiver
  • A 10 pin programming ribbon cable
  • A Kea programming adapter board
  • A mini USB blaster
  • An active antenna with cable
  • Power supply and cable, you must use a USB connection to your computer.
  • Software, you must download this from the internet.

We don’t ship this with the receiver package because the latest software is only available from the internet. Because we are continually improving the software and converting to new versions of the tools, you will always get the latest version by downloading it.

When you place your order through our web site and make your payment, you will receive a link to the place on our cloud server to download the software package. You must use this link to download the software.

The flash code is our professional GNSS receiver development package called Navcode2. This is available as a separate product. This is a much more stable and robust version of the receiver software. It is loaded into the receiver flash for testing during manufacture and remains there for demonstration.

If the product is listed as available in our products section then we can ship from stock. We ship by courier which allows delivery to you within 2 or 3 days.

There are a number of technical documents and academic papers that can be accessed from the download section of this site.

Yes. We can make it any shape, size or colour you want. Contact us for your special requirements.

We provide a 1 year return to factory warranty. That means if you suspect that the product is faulty you contact us and return it to us where we will repair it. You pay the cost of freight and any insurance.

International freight cost is included in the price of most products unless specified.

We provide you with all the hardware and code to read the IMU and store the measurements. It’s up to you how you use these measurements.

No, we do not supply the PCB design files, only the schematic. The reason is the PCB layout is very critical to the operation of the receiver. If you use our design files to make a modified PCB layout, and it does not work, we will be partly responsible. Naturally there will be many questions. It is better to ask us to design a PCB for you, we have the experience.

Yes, we stock and supply a medium grade GPS antenna that works well with our Kea receiver and many others. There are a large range of antennas available and everyone has different applications. We could not possibly stock enough antennas to supply the needs of everyone.

The receiver can use power from any standard USB socket that is available on most computers and laptops these days.

We don’t normally stock adapter cables, but we can make them up on request. There is a lead time and extra cost. Please contact us with your requirements.

No, there are no spare parts supplied or required. Any repairs or changes to the receiver should be performed back in our factory.

No certificate of calibration is required because GPS systems are self calibrating from the satellite atomic clocks.

Yes, as with most modern electronic items the receiver is somewhat static sensitive and is shipped in ESD protected packaging.

No, the receiver contains self test software that operates each time the power is applied.

In most cases yes, we try to use only ROHS components. But there are a few small specialised components used in the receiver that are not available in ROHS packages.