Kea V41NA4

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The KEA V41NA4 GNSS receiver is an FPGA based receiver platform ideally suited as a working receiver or as a reference design for teaching, research or further product development. It is a small form-factor receiver designed for pin compatibility with other OEM GPS receivers.

The KEA receiver features an Altera Cyclone™ 5E FPGA and with embedded memory and phase locked loop circuitry. The receiver firmware runs on the Altera NIOS 32 bit RISC soft core processor. The GNSS base-band logic is also contained in the Cyclone™ 5E FPGA. The receiver architecture is designed to allow multiple NIOS soft core processors to operate in the same FPGA if required. There is additional unused logic capacity in the FPGA for expansion and development.

The RF down-converter uses a custom wide band ASIC to convert the GNSS signal to a low 4MHz IF for sampling. It allows access to both GPS L1 and Galileo E1 signals.

The receiver is delivered as a working GNSS receiver and can be customised to any end user requirements on request.

Firmware Option Pricing

Prices for Options B, C, D and E are – ON APPLICATION ONLY.

The price displayed is the base price for:
Receiver + Schematic + Basic Firmware (A) 

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GNSS band RF down-converter for L1/E1 signals
16.368MHz VC-TCXO GNSS disciplined oscillator for frequency syntonization
Altera Cyclone™ V 5CEA4 49K LE FPGA
64Mbit serial flash device for both FPGA image and firmware code
1Mbyte of fast SRAM
Super-cap backed real-time clock
32K FRAM parameter storage
Temperature sensor
PPS output
IMU with 3 axis accelerometer, 6 axis gyro and Magnetomrter
Power management circuitry
JTAG port for FPGA and software development
20 pin general purpose IO header
Up to 12 programmable digital IO lines
4 LED indicators for power and debugging
Field upgradeable GPS firmware and Base-band FPGA configuration



Power supply +5V (USB) or +3.3V
Power consumption 1.0 W
Antenna voltage 3.3 V
Antenna connector SMA jack


Serial interfaces 1 x USB Port (48Mbits/s) “2 x Optional serial ports (up to 115.2 kbps)”
Digital IO 3.3 LVTTL IO’s (Programmable)
PPS Configurable 3.3V time pulse output
SPI Optional interface
I2C Optional interface
Protocols NMEA
Antenna type Recommended active antenna with 26dB LNA


Operating temperature -30℃ to +80℃
Humidity – 95% RH, non-condensing
Size 80mm x 55mm
Weight 60 grams
Shock MIL-STD-883 18 G

LEO Receiver Performance

Max update rate: 1 Hz
Accuracy: < 10 m
 Cold start: TBA
Warm start: TBA
Sensitivity: TBA
Timing accuracy: (High quality TCXO) 99%
RMS: <15 ns RMS

The receiver is can be ordered with one of the following options:

Option -O (Working model only) -This option provides the receiver installed with our fully operating professional firmware, Navcode2, designed for commercial product deployment. This is pre-installed and tested on the receiver before shipping.

Option -A (Basic Firmware) – This option provides the receiver with our basic open source GPL firmware (not Navcode2) for demonstration, research and teaching purposes. The firmware source code is provided in C including most of the base band  source code in Verilog. Some of the base band source code remains “object only” but allows the end user to completely re-build the logic system. This receiver comes with a copy of our fully operating professional firmware (Navcode2 without source code) installed and tested in the receiver for evaluation.

Option -B (Professional Firmware) – This option provides our Navcode2 full-featured professional firmware version with robust performance designed for commercial product deployment. This firmware is delivered as a runtime only object that can be further loaded into production receivers. 

Option -C (Professional Base-band) -This option provides the baseband Verilog source code. The baseband code block appears as a memory mapped add-on peripheral to the processor and can be customised by the end user to meet their requirements. Our Navcode2 full-featured professional firmware is delivered as a runtime only object module that can be combined with user designed baseband logic. All source code is supplied royalty free.

Option D (Both Professional Firmware and Baseband) – This option provides the Navcode2 full-featured professional firmware source code in C and the base-band as Verilog source code. The firmware and the baseband can be customised by the end user to meet their requirements. The baseband HDL code block appears as a memory mapped add-on peripheral to the processor.  All source code is supplied royalty free.

Option -E (Customised Firmware and/or Baseband) – To meet specific end user requirements our Navcode2 firmware and baseband HDL can be customised to add extra features such as specialised GNSS measurements and/or customised output messages upon request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Receiver Only – Firmware Option O, Receiver + Schematic – Firmware Option A, Receiver + Schematic – Firmware Option B, Receiver + Schematic – Firmware Option C, Receiver + Schematic – Firmware Option D, Receiver + Schematic – Firmware Option E