Kea V41S Series

The KEA V41SB GNSS receiver is a flash based FPGA receiver platform designed for space based operation or as a high performance working receiver. It is a small form-factor receiver designed for pin compatibility with other OEM GPS receivers. The receiver is designed with a range of features to allow robust performance in harsh environments such as space limited missions. The use of flash based devices improves the tolerance of the receiver to radiation induced effects when used in space.

The KEA V41SB receiver features a MicroSemi flash based SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA with on-chip embedded memory and phase locked loop circuitry.

The receiver firmware runs on the embedded ARM CortexTM M3 32 bit processor.

The GNSS base-band logic is also contained in the SmartFusion2 FPGA fabric.

The receiver architecture is designed to allow expansion and development by extending the unused logic capacity in the processor and FPGA fabric.

The RF down-converter uses a custom wide band ASIC to convert the GNSS signal to a low 4MHz IF for sampling. It allows access to both GPS L1 and Galileo E1 signals.

The receiver hardware can be customised to any end user requirements on request.

The GNSS base-band logic is also contained in the SmartFusion2 FPGA fabric.

The E version is normally used for ground based operation, space craft integration and testing. The firmware in the E version will have the ITAR limits applied.

The firmware is supplied as a full featured professional version with robust performance designed for commercial deployment. This can also be available as a licensed runtime code module for product deployment.

This version is supplied without ITAR limits, ready for space flight.

For space operations the receiver is supplied with our high performance Aquarius firmware which includes specific modes to allow operation in orbit. These features include an extended Doppler search range, as well as the ability to provide NORAD Two-Line-Element parameters in order to permit a receiver warm start.

An export licence is required for the F version to approved customers.


To meet specific end user requirements the firmware and base band can be customised to include features such as carrier phase measurement and or special output messages on request.